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Here at Good Clean Fundraising, we understand that football is more than just a sport – it brings people together, and creates a sense of ownership and pride in the community around you. But, often, the funds allocated for the team simply aren’t enough to provide the players (and the community) with the vibrant, well-funded football program they deserve. That’s why a football fundraiser is so important, infusing new funds into your football program for things like uniforms, equipment, travelling expenses, meals and more. Unfortunately, many coaches, players and administrators are tired of using the same underperforming fundraisers every year. You need a program that encourages the community to help out with a product that makes sense, while making more money for your team! Good Clean Fundraising is the answer for your next football fundraiser!

Our football fundraiser provides a slightly unique approach to fundraising. We believe that the fastest way to get sales from your supporters is to offer them a product that they need at a significant savings. Many fundraising campaigns simply don’t do that. The Good Clean Fundraising program offers 5 gallon buckets of a premium laundry detergent with a handy pump. With an easy-to-sell product that benefits the team and your loyal fans, fundraising goals can be reached faster. This means less time spent fundraising – and more time spent on the field! This exciting new approach to your football fundraiser is something everyone can get excited about.

Our Football Fundraiser is Different

Here at Good Clean Fundraising, we believe our different approach to raising funds is our biggest strength. The most common programs you might have used for your football fundraiser previously are based on luxury items that are marked up to several times the regular retail prices. Friends, family and loyal fans might be willing to purchase one or two of these pricey items in support of the team, but the team will likely not receive the full difference between regular retail and the fundraiser price. At Good Clean Fundraising, it’s our belief that your team’s most loyal supporters should be rewarded with a fundraiser that makes sense and saves them money. How does that work?
Our exciting football fundraiser features liquid laundry detergent at a below retail price, which is known as a Value Priced Necessity. It’s something that everyone will be purchasing anyway, at a savings that everyone can appreciate, that can still bring in a significant amount for the football program. When you choose to partner with Good Clean Fundraising, this year’s fundraiser can be a game changer.

Our Football Fundraiser Is Better

At Good Clean Fundraising, we looked at some of the most commonly used fundraisers around the country, and listened to what football teams did – and didn’t – like about them. Then, we developed a fundraiser that was better than the rest. Since our premium laundry detergent is a necessity, it’s something people will be purchasing soon no matter when they support the fundraiser. By supporting the football fundraiser with a purchase, your team’s friends and family will be buying something they already need and saving money while doing it. The secret is the wholesale pricing created by selling our liquid laundry soap in 5 gallon buckets. At approximately $45 per bucket, the price of our laundry detergent is about $.07 for each ounce. Comparatively, the average price when buying a bottle of liquid laundry detergent in store is $.13 to $.15 for each ounce. That means that, through your football fundraiser, friends and family can expect to save as much as 50% over standard retail prices.

Another benefit of partnering with Good Clean Fundraising is a higher percentage return on the profit margin, as compared to most fundraising campaigns. This allows your team to make more money faster than ever before. Small groups can reasonably expect to make as much as $5,000 or more in just a few weeks, while large groups can receive $25,000 or more. When your players make more money, faster, for your team, they can get back to doing what they love.

Your football players, coaches, parents and administrators will also have access to our resources and support throughout the process. A customized order form will kick off your fundraiser, encouraging player participation and helping everyone get excited about raising money for the team. Our staff will even help you build a prolific social networking campaign, to spread the word and drive higher sales.

Start Your Football Fundraiser Today!

It’s so easy to get started with your football fundraise right away. Our friendly representatives are standing by to answer any questions you may have, and help you on your way to fundraising success today!


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